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Our Collection - Why these twelve ship wrecks?

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Two lighthouses embrace this stretch of coast, namely the Skerries to the West and Point Lynas to the East. They are approximately twelve miles apart and within this area there have been more than two hundred shipwrecks. Many of the ships were recovered and continued in service, but there are forty eight wrecks on the sea bed that have been located. Of these, twenty eight have been identified. We have taken the twelve that we consider to be of the most interest and they form the backbone of our collection. Click to enlarge
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We commissioned local artist Keith Shone to create paintings of these twelve vessels at the point when disaster struck. It has taken us eight years to put our collection together and we are always grateful to anyone who can let us have any further information relating to these shipwrecks and others in the area. The collection also contains a mass of research documentation that we have accumulated, together with numerous paintings and photographs and a host of memorabilia, much of it salvaged from the wrecks themselves.


The 12 Ships...


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