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Type Steamship Sunk 9th February 1897
Gross Tonnage 4,892 tons Length 404 feet
Built 1892
The ANGLOMAN was a steel four-masted schooner-rigged steamship, built in 1892 for the British and North Atlantic Steam Navigation Company by Laird Brothers at Birkenhead, who also built the three 200 horse power triple expansion engines. She was placed in the highest class at Lloyds, was fitted with electric light and was said to have every modern convenience.

On Tuesday the 9th of February 1897, having sailed from Boston with Captain Edward Lewis of Liverpool in command, the ANGLOMAN approached the north coast of Anglesey with Holyhead off her starboard bow. In addition to 700 cattle and 1,500 sheep, there were on board a crew of fifty five together with a further eighteen cattlemen, and as most of them were residents of Liverpool, all were looking forward to their imminent arrival at the port. However, there was one obstacle in her path. She needed to be on a course that would take her to the north of the Skerries, leaving her with a clear run on to Liverpool. But there was thick fog, and at 8.30 that morning, the time of low water, while still travelling at 8.5 knots, she went aground on the West Platters, an outcrop of low lying rocks a few hundred yards from the Lighthouse on the Skerries.

Fittings salvaged from the S.S. Angloman:

Freshwater Inlet Filter

Steam Valve

Railway Slipper Bearing

There are other items in the Gallery.


Above is a picture of
Captain Edward Lewis - he was
captain of the ANGLOMAN
when she was lost in 1897.



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